Zezoraptors are creations of Negora1. With permission, users are able to create their own character of this breed. However, do not use her two mains without permission!!



Zezoraptors were modeled after Dinobot forms, inspired by Prehistoric raptors. They have Predacon CNA, but do not tranform into an alternate mode. Wildstrike's design is the basis of every Zezoraptor. They each vary in size range- from a young horse to a young elephant. The larger, the more feathery spikes blooming on top of their head. Main colors are some variation of blue or dark green. Each one also has the infamous toe claw on their right foot. It is tipped with norta gem, making it even more fearsome of a weapon. One noticeable difference between Wildstrike and the rest of the pack is that they all have yellow eyes.


Zezoraptors cannot transform into a robot form or speak normally. At first, they were only able to communicate with shrieks and snarls. However, they are still intelligent and are slowly learning to speak. They have great stealth and speed that make them nearly impossible to track or detect.


A Cybertronian crash landed on a tropical island on Earth. Their agendas, although not entirely clear, were to create a new, yet old creature. They spliced CNA and brought a new kind of Predacon into the world. A pair of them: a male named Wildstrike and a female named Circinae. The two quickly became a loving couple. Unfortunately, as the days went on, Circinae began to aggressively question their creator and the purpose of the Predacons. Eventually, Circinae rebeled and attempted escaping the island with Wildstrike. But Wildstrike remained loyal and prevented her from leaving. The rebellion resulted in Circinae gaining the ability to "hatch" her own Zezoraptor army (however very slowly.) Heated and heartbroken, the Queen of the Zezoraptors escaped into the jungle. Wildstrike remained with their creator, further dividing them. This is why every Zezoraptor is reflective of Wildstrike. Circinae still loves him and wishes they would be together again. Now, Circinae leads a wild pack of Zezoraptors that hunt in the island shadows.