This is a WIP.

TriStrach is the intellectual property of me, Phoenix. Ask for permission to use him anywhere. 

Personality Edit

TriStrach is a creature of honor. He would rather die with honor than live with shame. This is a quality that many of his fellow Decepticons do not agree with him on.

His devotion to honor is so deep, that he would never fight one without any way of fighting back. He would gladly fight disarmed if he saw his opponent could not have a chance with his weapon.

He will never fight anyone who cannot fight him back, no matter who. He will serve his master, Shockwave, to his last breath, but would never go into combat with one who could not do the same.

He is no fool, and he knows his own strength. He knows he could best anyone in single combat, but will give anyone a fight he deems fair, on even terms.

He is, however, very quick to anger, and gets angry if one fights without honor, or if he cannot kill someone quickly, and the duel lasts a long time.