• Note: The Forged, to my belief, had originally appeared in the comic series Transformers Prime: Rage of the Dinobots ©IDW Publishings. 

"We were the Forged, and he was our forger. We were created to serve him, his slaves. Now we are free. Now we are the Forgemasters, and your species are now our slaves!~Ser-Ket, Forged in Fire


Forged in FireEdit


After the Dinobots freed Swoop from their brainwashing, wrecked Ser-Ket and ruined Shockwave's day, the Forged were believed to had been defeated. Ser-Ket, however, had just been put into stasis, until she was found by a small party of young Predacons. 

Upon being awakened, she brainwashed them into believing they were superior to normal robots, with their vehicle alt. modes.