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Trona-  Edit

Strafe knows how difficult it can be to be a leader. Primus, he had a whole cult devoted to rigorously worshipping him! Trona however, is different. She, at least in Strafe's mind, doesn't get as much attention and credit as she deserves. 

She works harder than a certain Prime he knows, and barely gets a quarter of the respect. Even aside from this, she never seems to let that get to her. 

That's another thing Strafe really admires about her- she doesn't let others get to her. No matter how many insults, how many threats, how many swords to the throat, she never lets that intimidate her. As a matter of fact, she works extremely hard to find a way to forgive that person!

She is always looking out for anyone and everyone else. She is the most selfless person Strafe knows! She's always willing to forgive, to see the light in every darkness. 

That is why Trona is the only Prime Strafe needs... And likely ever will.

Blue Flare- Edit

Love is a deep thing. It can make worlds, break worlds, and make or break people. It can be said that love did this to Strafe- in the form of Blue Flare. The most beautiful, well mannered, lovely Predacon he's ever met. Sure, they may have once been adversaries, and have differing opinions on the Great War, but what does that matter now?

Flare saved him from himself- from the monster that he had become. She believed in him... even when he never believed in himself. She showed him what the world could be if you just stopped to look. She showed him what he could be, and she was always there for him.

Even when he couldn't fight for himself, she would... even when he was nothing, she was always there for him. She always cared.

It was through Blue Flare that Strafe learned what good the world could have- the world's beautiful light... and corrupting darkness...

Dark Flare- Edit