What do you fear, my lady?

A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age accept them and all chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire.

--Eowyn to Aragorn

Stormwing is an undersized,  stormcloud gray predacon, friends with the Autobot medic-in-training, Aethon.

She is MoonHorizon's OC. No using her without permission or stealing her!


Stormwing's steely body is the color of a stormcloud, while her wing membranes are light silver. Her tail ends in a sharp, deadly blade-like formation, perfect for slashing at her foes. Stormwing has narrow blue eyes, and a strong, squared jawline. She is skilled in using her powerful front talons, so she can pick things up almost like a human or Transformer. She has vicious, serrated claws and front teeth.


Stormwing was found by the young Autobot medic-in-training, Aethon, when she was only a few days old.  The gold and silver mech felt compassion for the injured, orphaned sparkling, and decided to smuggle her with him to Earth.

When the Autobots got to Earth, Stormwing let out a shriek of hunger, and Aethon was forced to reveal her to his friends. Bumblebee thought she was cute, Bulkhead said he felt nervous having 'that thing' in their new base, Ratchet wanted to study her, and Arcee agreed with Aethon that she shouldn't be left to die on Cybertron. Optimus said Ratchet could study her behavior and habits, and agreed with Arcee and Aethon.

Aethon cared for Stormwing like a human father would a child. He also had the fussiness of a mother hen, which annoyed Bulkhead and Ratchet greatly. Soon they trained Stormwing how to fight, but Aethon watched over her all the time to make sure she didn't get hurt. Eventually Bulkhead had to drag him out so that Stormwing could fight like a real Predacon.

Today Stormwing is a strong fighter, even though her small size is a slight hinderance. She wants glory, fears cages, and is perfectly okay with gore.