This OC belongs to SIL3NC3D WHISP3RS. She will be included in a fanfiction I might write, and is loosely based off me.

Slicia Riddle
Background information
Theme Song --
Alliases Silver, Sil, Silver-Tongue
Character information
Faction Decepticon (most of the time)
Age --
Occupation --
Family --
Species Human
Goal --
Residence --
Allies Shockwave & Starscream
Enemies Starscream, Decepticons in general (sometimes)
Likes To pretend she's not human
Dislikes Getting hurt or insulted
Powers and abilities Manipulation, strategy, misdirection
Weapons Her cunning
Quote --

Appearance Edit

S'licia Riddle (Sil or Silver for short) Is a adolescent human of only thirteen.

Her eyes are a cunning ice blue, glimmering with a shining light that makes you want to quickly check if your wallet is still in your pocket. They are such eyes that can glare with such an intensity that will leave you awake, waiting for a knife to slit your throat. eyes that hide a deceivingly tender soul.

She is not quick, nor is she agile, so she relies on her words to manipulate, and such a silvered tongue those reddened lips hide.

Freckles though, are a quirk that only reminds her she is human, to her utter dismay, as do the bags under her eyes, similar to the "tears" on a cheetah.

Personality Edit

Silver is no fool.

Time and time again, she may seem like a clumsy, gullible child, but she is so much more than meets the eye.

She's cunning, creative and deadly, with a unique understanding of the Decepticon cause and a passionate view of the future ahead of her. She too wishes for peace, but chaos is just way too much fun to give up.

Relationships Edit

Blue Flare Edit

Silver finds Blue amusing, As she sticks out to her as a cliche hero, as full of bravery as she is naive. She considers Blue a friend, though sometimes she is a hindrance to her plans, with her simplicity and annoyingly narrow-minded view of the world and the factions within it. She is secretly grateful to her because deep down, she knows she saved Strafe's life countless times, in more ways than one.

Strafe Edit

Strafe, in Silver's opinion, is a soul filled with hatred, for that is all he has ever known. As she doesn't give a scrap about sob stories, she treats some of his most hostile acts as workings of his own mind, and not the cause of the abuse he endured years ago. Still, she enjoys annoying him, but that's just something she does to all of the temperamental 'bots, simply because it amuses her.

She knows very much about the two's unspoken love and sees it not only as a chance to torment them both even more but for Strafe to be happy, as she knows he was once before.

But what she's most confused about is Strafe's two consciousnesses. Does only one of them love her? or both? She may never know.

Trona Edit

Silver, as with her attitude to most heroes, often thinks of Trona as a nuisance. But, she secretly looks up to her, as her abilities are incredible, as well as her resolve. (WIP)

Cutthroat Edit

From the brief few moments they had seen each other in the battle against Unicron, Silver hated, no abhorred him. Underestimating her? She could let that pass. Hurting one of her friends? She would have his spark. She doesn't give a scrap he's prime, he's her enemy and always will be. She swears that she will be the one whom rips his rotten spark from his chest, and she will enjoy it when she does so.