Relationships Edit


"You do care, believe me. You simply never show it to anyone, yourself included."

- Silverblade, Roleplay-

         It’s hard to think of Bloodfeather as the same bird that tried to kill her in Ecobot valley. Sunstorm painted a picture of a merciless assassin in such a case, one that would kill and spare no soul. The image of Bloodfeather being a formidable foe stayed while Silverblade and Sunstorm tried to reclaim the throne. Bloodfeather was someone to be feared.
         That was until Silverblade learned Bloodfeather’s true motives, which were much similar to her own: To serve the people.
       Silverblade gained instant respect to her former enemy, and attempted to gain his trust, But Bloodfeather storms off and the Council arrives before that can be done.After Silverblade relinquishes her thron,e, and bumps into Bloodfeather again. However, rather than trying to kill her like their first encounter, Bloodfeather takes Silverblade back to the Birds of Prey’s base. Silverblade expresses her gratitude to the assassin, glad that “he cares”. Bloodfeather denies such a statement.
          But if he didn’t care, why would he vow by the sun to save her? Perhaps, despite claim after claim that Silverblade is but an inexperienced, weak pup; he sees her as new hope for the people. Or above that, as his friend.
       Whatever he considers her, Silverblade is more than willing to call Bloodfeather her friend.