All Hail Lord Endgame Edit

(I have no idea what happened here, or a very vague idea. There are people out there better suited to write this)

Dissappearing Ocean - Splitting Wake Edit

Some months after the events of “All Hail Lord Endgame,” a two headed Pteranodon Dinobot named Strafe teleports to Australia, Earth via malfunctioned Groundbridge.  He comes across a wingless Predacon: A drake named Tidalwave who lived on Earth. The two get off to not-so-good terms when a low-flying Decepticon fighter startles the two and interrupts their tense meeting.  After a moment, the fighter drifts away and crashlands.

From the broken fighter emerges a small Predacon with an injured wing: Blue Flare.  She was brought to Earth tracking Energon signals, and had been a drift in space for many years.  Tidalwave and Strafe go to investigate, only for Blue Flare to run straight into Strafe. She is instantly awed and relieved, due to not having seen Cybertronians in a long while.  Strafe was angry, but quickly soften up to her.

Flare is surprised to notice Tidalwave is a living Predacon, having thought she was the last living Predacon in the Galaxy.  Tidalwave brushes it off. Blue Flare’s second instinct is to ask about the war, and the pair’s fanction. Strafe reveals the war has been long over, and Flare was absent for the Autobot victory.  Flare starts asks about how the pair were stranded on Earth, to which Strafe and Tidalwave start bickering. Flare suggests they go hunt for Energon.

During a long walk to a possible Energon mine, Blue Flare and Strafe converse, getting off to a good common ground.  But their conversation takes a quick downturn as Flare praises, and Strafe berates the Autobots and their hypocrisy/philosophy. Occasionally they stop to consume Energon, but they keep arguing.

Halfway across the world, a team of Predacons (Icebreath, Scorchmark, Razor, Tazor, Waveblast, Rextooth) pick up Energon signals.  Their leader, Trona, bridges to the coordinates. After making her way into the mine, she views the intense scene of the Predacons and Dinobot arguing.

Strafe nonchalantly leaves the cavern, throwing a last insult at Flare.  Enraged, Flare blasts flames and physically attacks Strafe, while Tidalwave attempts to hold her off with his ice breath.

Trona intervenes while whereing her invisibility cloak. She easily stops the fight while leaving Flare and Strafe in daze.