Predaconia is a hidden colony of Predacons, located on one of Cybertron’s moons. A large number of Predacons that had survived the Great Cataclysm crash-landed on the moon while attempting to escape. Over the centuries and generations of Predacons, they developed their own culture, and have maintained their own sacred history and keepsakes.

History Edit

Many millenium ago, towards the end of Cybertron's Prehestoric Age, came the Great Cataclysm. It was a clash between the two dominant life forms of Modern-day Transformers, and Prehestoric Predacons. Each side fought to retain control of the entire planet. The Predacons, lead by a rutheless leader, did not take kindly to the Autobots. They refuse to co-exist peacefully with the Transformers.

But not all Predacons wanted it to be like that. Many were indeed excited to walk and fly among new Cybertronians. They were lead by a peaceful, though fierce Predacon named Raptarian. As this group sought and attempted numerous diplomatic solutions from both sides, they were chased away vigorously. Tensions were rising, and so were the battles- there efforts useless. Once it was clear they could not peacefully stop the war, and that the Predacons had almost lost, Raptarian decided to flee the planet with his followers. They stole and secured an Autobot Cargo Ship, and begun to leave the atmosphere. As they did, they were shot down by Autobot Warships, and the Predacons Crash-landed on Cybertron's moons.

Raptarian spoke to his followers, encoraging them to look towards a bright future. He sent out many scouting missions, and they reported they had found numerous Energon Mines. The Predacons were excited by this discovery, and a promise of survival. Gradually, their temporary bases