Prologue Edit

“Energon…” echoed an oily, nasal voice. “Energon…” It repeated again, hissing. A slow-moving Insecticon warrior  made it’s way through the canyons of Cybertron’s moon. But he wasn’t any ordinary Insecticon. This Insecticon had Dark and Synthetic Energon flowing through his veins. This Insecticon was a Terracon. And he obviously craved Energon.  

The wobbly Terracon tilted his head, menacingly opening his jaw and allowing his proboscis to eject, snapping. Energon was near...yes, it was very near- he sensed it.  The Proboscis withdrew, and he continued to Stroll towards it’s source. The Insecticon shoved his huge claws between some wedges of rock, hurling them aside and slipping through a tiny crack into a small cavern. At the far end stood a Stasis pod, a fellow Insecticon scrunched up inside.


The Terracon slammed himself onto the glass opening of the pod. With a small buzz, the pod’s hatch slid open. It’s inhabitant groggily, yet fiercely, slammed his claws at the hatch of the pod, yanking itself out. The Insecticon-Terracon snarled, lunging it’s throat. The proboscis Zipped wildly from side to side. The newly emerged Insecticon roared, grabbing it, and severing the jaw from his mouth. The Terracon screeched, falling back, waving its claws wildly.

The Insecticon raised his blaster at the Terracon, shooting at him. Three  shots hit the Terracon square in the Spark, and the Insecticon approached the corpse. It moaned, reaching out desperately to it’s opponent.

“You dared to attack me!?” Yelled the Insecticon in a shrill voice. He brought his face close down to the Terrorcons chest, transforming.  Two huge rods prodded out  vertically from his face, spilling a shiny, yellow liquid.  The Insecticon angled the bottom rod down, sticking the first above the Terracon. The yellow acid dripped down from his fangs, corroding the Terracon metal. It screeched in pain, thrashing about.

“I am Chomper!” He brought up the bottom rod, hard. The Terracon was snapped in half.