Norta Gems are used for making weapons, created by Negora1. It is free to be used to create weapons or any mention. To avoid confusion, make sure you link it to this page.



Norta Gems are a type of mineral similar to Energon, except it is not flammable and does not fuel anything. It is used for forgery, or making tools and weapons. Not many Cybertronians know about Norta gems because it is one of the rarest substances in the universe.

Other than being rare, it is classified by Trona to be the sharpest substance in the universe. It is difficult to destroy or damage, but being used as a weapon makes it extremely deadly. If fully sharpened, Norta can cut a whole Energon block in two. A tiny scratch can damage Cybertronian armour like a Scraplet bite. A fully made sword stab through any part of the body will certainly leave you scarred or dead. Needless to say, any kind of weapon forged in Norta will prove very effective toward your enemies.

All Norta Gems are a lusterous silver. If it hits the light, it will shine like a prism and show rainbow colors. For reference, it resembles Angel Aura Quartz, just not transparent and a more silver base (image above.) It is formed in cold parts of the universe, located in small planet caves, moons, and very rarely, asteroids.

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