Nela is Firefly's OC. Do not steal her or I will ban you!


Nela is a female(or femme) Predacon. She is shaped slightly like a bird, and has large ragged wings. The wing membrane is maroon, and the wing bone is fuchsia. She has a row of fuchsia plates on her sides, and her tail feathers are razzmatazz, as well as three of her metal head feathers. The first head feather is midnight blue, and so are her underplates(I guess that's what you would call them.). She has three talons on each foot, and they are bright yellow. Half of each of her legs is a crimson color, and the other just regular blue like her main body. Her wings also have highlights of yellow. She has a light orange under the fuchsia plates along her sides. She has two long spikes on her wings. Her eyes constantly change color, but are most often maroon. She has long white spikes on her back, and her beak is sharp and jagged.


Nela is a very righteous yet unjustified Predacon. She is very conflicted and confused sparkling(child), and often does not distinguish right from wrong. She is very unjustified in her actions, though she believes they are for the greater good. She can be destructive and hurtful, deceptive and cheating. She is slightly cold and cruel at times, and very harsh. She is misguided and has been controlled by wicked Cybertronians, molded into the very disturbed and misguided sparkling she is today.


Nela was created, like nearly all Predacons, in a laboratory. She was not healthy at first, and was considered being discarded as another failure, until they found an artificial spark(heart). She was at first a very happy and bubbly sparkling, but intense training and punishment were forced upon her two weeks from her Creation. She soon learned to fly, and one day she was sold to a Cybertronian named Spark, who already 'owned' several Predacons. Nela still longed to be free, and realizing this, Spark let her go. Nela was then captured by the Decepticons, and works as a spy and warrior for them.