My cruddy drawing of her

Gemini is MoonHorizon's character, no stealing!

this is no longer a WIP

Gemini is a tall gold and blue femme Autobot who was created with a strange condition; she has two personalities.


(Will try to draw her on paper and scan onto laptop...)

Gemini is tall and sleek, with a gold base and blue highlights on her arms and legs. Her alt mode is a Dodge Challenger sports car. Her eyes have a condition that humans call heterochromia. One is blue, and the other is yellow. Gemini's facial features are very feminine, much like Arcee's. 


Themesongs: Run the Show by Tut Tut Child, Summertime Sadness by Lana del Ray [Cedric Gervais Remix]

Crush: Optimus. <3 who else?

Gemini's first personality is cocky and reckless, but her second one is easily depressed and emotional. what else can I say?


Gemini was found crash landed in a forest by Optimus Prime and Smokescreen. Her shuttle was damaged, and she was hurt, but she insisted that she was fine. To their surprise, a few hours later she was depressed. She explained tearfully that she had two very different personalities.

Optimus was distracted by her bravery and skill when the two of them and Bumblebee were ambushed by Decepticons. He was hurt because of this, and Ratchet had to take him aside and scold him. Gemini was liking this attraction to her more and more, and got a bit more cocky because of it, although she never mentioned her crush.

Gemini hasn't been with the Autobots for long, but she has already proven herself to them and won their trust. She might be arrogant, and not all of them like her, but she is a worthy member of the Autobots.