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"I absolutely adore watching as the purest among us become the most twisted and murderous."

~~Daggerfall, The Terror in Revenge

Daggerfall is seriously messed up. He hates anything and everything pure and good. It all boils down to his hatred for what Shockwave did to him.

He was once an Autobot, a hero who would do anything for his cause, but that all changed when Shockwave tortured and broke him.

When Shockwave turned him into what he is today, he lost a piece of himself. He lost his good, and he would make sure that everyone else would too.

If he can't have it, no one can.

He would never stop until every pure one is a creature of chaos, a killer, a murderer.

He revels in his new wickedness... he revels in making others just as dark and twisted as he is.

He absolutely adores it.