Belongs to Borealis the icewing and her only!! Edit

boreal law is actually Princess borealis but turned transorganic predacon by shockwave due to a project, she is the first successful one and is a sort of pet to megatron Template:Infobox character

appearence Edit

retaning her some of her icewing build but with alterations like fangs large fangs, one less wing "finger" especially metal plating. She still has her icewing scales but they're fused with some metal she has front fangs that stick out of her mouth the back are smaller.

personality Edit

retaining aspects of her original personality from her organic form she is stubborn, strongly independent, cold at times,intelligent,shy,timid and a loner by default. She has a rep with others to be bossy as well but with close friends and family she is kinder and protective.

biography Edit

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She had a joyflight in jasper,much to her mothers's discomfort had set of for a 5 day trip To study humans. But due to curiosity she stumbled onto the nemesis leading her to be captured