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This creature is dangerous! Stay away from it if you want to live.

Acroux Viper
Background Information
Creator Negora1
Theme Animal Cobra
Theme Color Red & Silver
Theme Song "Archangel" ~ Two Steps from H*ll
Character Information
Age Unknown
Gender Presumed to be male
Occupation Eat, kill, and control
Species None
Goal Spread his venom across the galaxy
Residence Unknown
Allies Death
Enemies Trona, Autobots, Decepticons, Predacons, basically everyone
Likes Killing and eating others energon, and watching others suffer
Dislikes Everyone and life
Powers and abilities Deadly venom that can kill and take over another's mind
Weapons Venom
Quote "HIISSSSSS...Hello, my dear"


The Acroux Viper isn't one with a very complex personality. It lives for only two purposes: eat and kill. It is probably the most deadliest creature in the galaxy. If only everyone knew about it. This silver serpent has no regard for any life, including the ones it controls to serve it. The Acroux delights inflicting pain and suffering on everyone it comes across. It was created for the purpose of extinguishing Predacons, but its creators were flawed in its programming. They neglected a sort of concious that most Cybertronians have. Of course, it was meant to be a weapon, nothing more. The Acroux Viper is a sparkless/heartless monster.


The Acroux is a Cybertronic snake with lots of silver scales/metal across its body. Its underbelly is completely and smoothly silver metal. Despite being called a viper, it is more like a cobra because it can create a hood. When the hood is out, a red diamond-shape is on both sides. They glow when the Acroux is controlling someone. It has glittering red eyes on the front of its face, a neon yellow forked tongue, and a pair of norta fangs. The Acroux's venom is yellow.

It is very small compared to humans, but it always starts out small if it doesn't have Energon to eat. At first, it is no bigger than a human leg, making it hardly noticeable to Cybertronians. But as it progressively eats and kills, it can get bigger and bigger, soon making it as large as the Great Devourer(a massive snake from Ninjago.)


The Acroux Viper has deadly venom that it can choose to either kill and eat its victims or control someone's mind. If it wants to control someone it has to bite on the neck or behind the head, basically near the mind. If bitten and left alone, the venom will burn through all your Energon until you have none left.


The Acroux Viper was created/designed to drive all the Predacons that reigned over Cybertron away, and to kill any who opposed it. The Acroux did its job, killing a large majority of the Predacons while the rest fled. Only after that did the Acroux Viper rebel against its creators. It took control of the head scientist, Mechdrive, and used him to kill the rest of Cybertronians that created it. After the massacre, the Acroux released Mechdrive from it's control. It wickedly enjoyed watching him suffer from the energon on his hands. The Acroux then snuck away on a ship heading to any planet with life for it to destroy. Luckily, the ship had a tracking device that Mechdrive followed. The Acroux landed on 10 BC Earth.

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